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Chopsticks 101

Chopsticks have no doubt been around for a long time and are used all over asia.You can get them in varying lengths, colors and even materials! However, how much do you actually know about the famous utensil?


They were estimated to have been invented around 400 - 500 A.D. and were come from the lovely country, China. Interestingly, their primary use was not for eating, but for cooking. Eventually a switch was made and the world has never been the same since.

How to use

In the west, the usual go to choice of utensil is the spoon and fork. So, if you’re trying to learn how to use them for a night out we got you covered! You first take one chopstick and hold it like a pencil not to far from the top. You then take the second against your ring finger and hold it with your thumb. Be sure to make sure the sticks are parallel to each other! You then use your thumb, pointer and middle finger to move the top up and down.

Now you’re a pro!

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