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Real Reviews from Real People!

Ernesto Plascencia

Tonkotsu ramen was delicious, the pork meat was outstanding

Sharon Traffanstedt

love the ramen bowls! They taste great and are very filling. The gyoza pot stickers are good too.

Dennis Reynolds

Food is always fresh. The price isn't bad. Friendly staff.

YO Cal

Great customer service and good food. The Ramen and broth were very good. We also tried the tempura shrimp and were delicious. Will come again for sure.

Angela E.

My son and I love this place! We enjoy the many different options to personalize our ramen, plus the garlic fried rice is amazing! The last time we went they were only open for take out because of the Covid regulations, however we were very impressed with how they packaged the broth separately allowing the noodles to not overcook while driving home. Even though there are several other ramen places near us, we choose to drive across town for Kamisama!

Josh Huddleston | Local Guide Level 6 Reviewer

I am not a ramen aficionado, so if you're really picky about ramen, read another review. If you are wanting to try a ramen place, or if you like really tasty food (and a lot of it), I wholeheartedly recommend this place. It was yummy, filling, and inexpensive.

Nagi Nammour

Great food very nice people there would definitely recommend this place

Jashive Campos  

Love this location. My kids brought me here because they kept saying it was really good. I was not disappointed. The broth with all the trimmings was delish. If you get the ramen make sure to get tempura shrimp and let it soak in the broth to get a very tasty shrimp. Pur waiter was great. Was very attentive and kept our drinks filled at all times. Will come again and hopefully get some sushi

Jeremy Alejo

Decided to make a review after going to the restaurant twice. First time had my parents with me, but they didn't like the soup they order. They assume the food was low quality, while the teriyaki chicken bowl I order was well-made and delicious. Came to the restaurant for the second time solo, and order a miso soup and a customized soup. Noodles were delicious and the fried chicken and cooked beef in the soup were well-made. Atmopshere and ambience is decent, but service was quick and friendly. Neat place to go and try some ramen.

Armando Gutierrez

It's a pretty good Ramen place here in Bakersfield. My go to is the Shoyu Ramen with the Kamisama topping and garlic.

Tim Miller

The staff was excellent! The food was okay, but we’ve also lived in Japan & are used to the authentic stuff. We noticed the terra cotta soldier in front so inquired about it & surprisingly, the owners are Chinese.

Edgar Garcia

Simply delicious, the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Really hits the spot on a rainy day.

Fernando Formeloza

The food was good for a ramen place, last time brought me and my wife, only reason for not coming more often, or bringing my whole family, was the price was somewhat expensive for two (spent a total of $50 for just us). Am bringing my two boys with me this time - hope this doesn't break my wallet! Please price your food right, and you'll see much more business from me!

Ruben Ramirez

Food is really good. You get a lot of food and get your money's worth. Service is on top of things. Very kind and all around good place. Definitely coming back with friends and family to give it a try.

Jing He

I don't know how busy this place usually is. My family went for lunch when they weren't busy, and the food arrived fairly quickly. Service was friendly as well.

We ordered ramen, and both the tonkotsu and miso soup were wonderful, as were the noodles. I wish the chashu pork slices were softer and more tender like at some of the other Japanese ramen places I had elsewhere in the country, but the soup and noodles were as good as any that I've had, and it's mainly the soup and the noodles that make the ramen. The ramen vegetables and ramen toppings were superb also.

This is a place I would definitely frequent if I lived and worked in Bakersfield.

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