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American Sushi

Here in America, we love our sushi. It’s on the healthier side of things, tastes amazing and is inexpensive depending on where you get it. The first sushi restaurant was opened in Los Angeles in 1966 and we haven’t looked back since. However, since then, we’ve created a few unorthadox rolls in our quest for sushi. Here are 3 kinds of sushi rolls you’ll only find in the U.S.

  1. Philadelphia Roll: A big step from your traditional sushi roll, the Philadelphia roll contains cream cheese, salmon and avocado. It’s name comes from the Philadelphia Cream Cheese brand.

  2. California Roll: From the sunshine state itself, California rolls are “inside out” rolls made with crab cucumber and avocado. Truly embodying the west coast’s favorite things.

  3. Rainbow Roll: A variation of the California roll, the Rainbow roll is topped with variations of different fish!

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