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Ramen Facts

Ramen really is one of the best meals out there. If you go the instant ramen route, it’s affordable and quick. If you sit down and order it at our restaurants you get a filling and amazing meal. It’s just an undisputed fact among college students and regular people alike: Ramen is king. To celebrate these beautiful noodles here are some more quick ramen facts to further your trivia knowledge on this fantastic dish:

  1. In Tokyo, there are an estimated amount of 10,000 ramen shops in business.

Japan is the home of ramen, however in just the capitol alone there is a sea of places for you try out the soup. Talk about an intense food crawl.

  1. It was voted one of the best Japanese inventions.

In 2002, a survey was conducted in Japan about what citizens thought was the best recent creation from their home country. Their vote tallied a win for our favorite noodles!

  1. In 2018, an estimated 103.6 billion servings of noodles were eaten all over the world.

In the same study it shows China eats the most ramen and Mexico eats the least ramen. The U.S. comes in 6th place in comparison.

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