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Japan in November

Like here in the states, the leaves are starting to fall in Japan and with it comes the new month of November. For the U.S. this means thanksgiving and the start of the hustle for christmas shopping. But what holidays and festivities are come in Japan?

  1. Mt. Fiji

Fall is known for its beautiful foliage of reds and yellows. Mt. Fiji with it’s beautiful scenery and the famous mountain itself, is only even more gorgeous at this time.

2. (Labor) Thanksgiving

While similar in name to the holiday in the states, this day goes to honor everyone in the working class. Families get together on this day, eat and go to festivals.

3. Sumo Kyushu Basho

November is the time for sumo wrestling. Fukuona hosts a series of tournaments every year sparking excitement for fans of the sport.

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