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Spicy Instant Ramen?

The internet is always coming up with strange new trends and ramen is no stranger to being used in them. One such trend that’s really picked up traction is the spicy ramen challenge! It’s pretty self explanatory challenge and consists of a person or group eating some of the spiciest noodles around. Whether you want to try this fiery task or just on the lookout for some spicy treats, here's some great recommendations we have for you:

  1. Samyang Spicy Chicken Ramen

This is the ramen that started it all. It’s a Korea based brand knowing to crank the dial on the heat and leave you second guessing that second bite. Tread carefully when choosing this brand.

  1. Shin Ramen Black

Another popular brand that many use for the challenge as well, it’s a bit lighter than Samyang. Still only recommended for vetran spicy food lovers.

  1. Niisan Spicy Ramen

For those looking for heat but at a comfortable level, try niisan’s spicy ramen. Offered in a convenient bowl, it’s a nice meal for a challengeless day.

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