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Spotlight Menu: Yaki Udon and Sabori Yaki Udon

If you’re new to Japanese cuisine, there is much to explore beyond ramen noodles. A great place to branch from that would be udon noodles. A thick wheat noodle used in soups and stir fries. At Kamisama Ramen you can find this in two of our dishes: Yaki-Udon and Sabori Yaki-Udon. Yaki Udon is a stir fry made up of carrots, cabbage, onions and shredded seaweed. This delicious combination is then mixed with udon noodles to make Yaki Udon! If you walk on the spicy side of life, Sabori Yaki Udon is the next best thing. It’s the same dish except made with bell pepper, mushroom and special spicy sauce. Try it today!

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