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Spotlight Menu: Ramen Soup

At Kamisama Ramen, ordering ramen is just your first step to making your own custom mouth watering meal. We pride ourselves on getting you the best toppings and even more importantly the best broths! So we’re here to help make that selection a little easier with a small guide to our great selection of broth! Last week we went over Shio and Shoyu broth. If those don’t peak your interest then have no fear. Check out these amazing spotlight worth broths: Miso and Tonkotsu.


Miso broth comes from Hokkaido and is made with soybean paste as it’s base. It’s known for it’s nutty flavor and opagqe look. Although it isn’t as old as other broths, it’s a very popular pick!


Tonkotsu ramen is pork bone based and is the heartiest of all the flavors. Its thick and as close as a comfort soup you can get!


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